The state of the industry

The music business is unlike any other business that ever existed. 

On one hand, it’s considered the greatest business in the world since it has the power to bring together billions of people. But on the other hand, it’s often misunderstood and being seen as weird — even an evil industry.

Just think about hundreds of artists who ended their lives when they reached the top of their careers. Have you ever heard someone from Silicon Valley or Wall Street did the same? Well, yes but not as much as in the music industry!

And what’s really funny is, many people think you have to join the Illuminati, become a Freemason, or be a kid with millions of dollars from your parents that you inherited to ever find any success in this industry.

Of course, that’s not true.

You don’t need to sacrifice yourself to drugs just to stay creative… You don’t need to join any secret societies… And you don’t have rich parents or an uncle who’s willing to invest millions of dollars to grow your career.

IF you know how the business works, none of them is necessary.

In fact, you don’t have to give up on your visions and make music that’s ‘marketable’ to reach your success.

Of course, understanding the business requires a lot of time and failure. Over the last few decades, we have had a lot of failures, before finally achieving a lot of successes in the industry.

From our experiences, we have put together services that will help any artist achieve their success by simply following our steps

And we offer the services at an insanely low price, waaaay lower than the money that major record label companies are asking from their artists.

Why’d we done that?

Because we want to help talented artists achieve the success they deserve.

It’s a war out there…

and you can’t be successful by just releasing your music with no subsequent plan.

The fake failure of millions

Because there are no real plans or examples of success that everybody can replicate, millions and millions of people who love music and love creating and performing for others have never shared that passion with the masses. 

As we were doing research for a company, we came across some very sickening and disgusting statistics:

In 2014 there were 27 million that identified themselves as independent musicians.

In 2019 Only 1590 people in the United States of America made a median full-time (40,000) income from music.

That is so sad, it literally should bring a tear to your eyes. 

The chances of somebody in the world today making a full-time career from their music is a measly .00005 or a fifth of a hundred-thousandth of a percent. 

What a shame!

No wonder why everybody wants to be a musician, becoming a famous musician is almost as awesome as winning the lottery.

Anyways because of the lack of true direction and real information in this space, many people have been seen or looked at as failures.

That’s not true, they just didn’t know how to connect with the masses...

…And our company is set out to change that.

Raising the bar will ripple effect on society

As more people reach more listeners, and become a known musician, or just a musician that can live from his art, the world will start to see being a musician as somewhat of a normal thing, as more musicians learn better creation and marketing strategies we will notice the level of aesthetics in the world in general increase.

That means better-looking everything, more comfortable everything, and who knows the inventions and other positive things that will come from inspiration from an artist that we help push their music out to the masses and they start to build a Fanbase.

That’s the wonder that we’d like to create.

Join us and let’s work together!

Our goal is to increase the number of full-time musicians according to tax data by 1/10 per year. If we could achieve that, then we’re expecting to pay out over 100 million a year in streaming royalties to thousands of musicians who otherwise would be seen as complete failures.

There are so many talented artists who don’t get the attention they deserve, yet they never give up on turning their passion for a living.

If you’re one of them, we want to work with you.

Click here to get in touch with us and let’s see if we can be a good fit.

To your success,

Cyrus Igono

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