We are here to help you!

Life is done with others. We are all here to help you get to your goals in the industry. We look forward to being a part of your growing team!

CiCi - Social Media Manager

CiCi's role is to be in contact with you and help get your ideas to our design team in a clear consistent way and to ensure your accounts are growing.

Outside of ArtistsUpNext, CiCi runs a media studio in Chandler, Arizona. She also runs one of Arizona's coolest events, The Beats and Brunch Experience.

You can message her  here.

Tanina - Foundations Program Manager

Taninas role is to get you thru the initial program we offer, Fondations.

Outside of ArtistsUpNext she is one of the top baked potato experts in the world and a very accomplished painter.

You can message her here.

Cyrus - Marketing, Moguls Program Manager

Cyrus's role is to make sure your career is pointed in the right direction and to represent you during this phase of your career.

Outside of ArtistsUpNext Cyrus works on REALITYSHOW.com

You can message him here.

Harold - Outreach

Harold's role here is to help get new members, sponsors, and attention for our brand and clients.

Outside of ArtistsUpNext Harold is in the mortgage and lending industry.

You can message him here.

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