Introducing: Showcase Week

Create Social Media Content That Works To Skyrocket Your Career Growth!

Social media plays an important part in artists’ digital marketing campaigns. Yet, managing social media for an artist could be difficult and shouldn’t be a task that’s delegated to a third party without considerable thought.

Join our Showcase Week program to work together with our team of experts to create high-quality content for our social media… or join the virtual session to learn how our team creates content that can supercharge your career!

Level up your digital marketing game!

Showcase Week is an in-person and virtual service where we’re working together with artists, helping them producing high-quality content that does more than just telling their stories.

This includes…

  • Teaching how social media marketing works
  • Planning out your social media marketing campaign
  • 2 photoshoot sessions
  • Producing 3 videos (music video and/or story-based content)
  • Expert advice on how to bring your social media marketing to the next level!

Save years of time and supercharge your career growth by co-creating your social media content with our team of experts!

How the program works...

Schedule a meeting with us.

This meeting could be done in-person or virtual, whichever works for you. During the meeting, we’ll review your current marketing and see if we can be a good fit together.

Start working together with our team

Fly to our facilities and take a mini-vacation for 2-3 days, where you’re going to get a bunch of content produced with the help of our experts. When you leave, our team will take and edit all the content, then deliver it to you. Back at home, all you need to do is post the content every week.

If you’re joining the virtual version, we’re going to do a talent course, and show you how to use content that you produce to grow your career! Relax, although we’re not working together in person, we promise you’ll see massive growth from the process.

Enjoy the process—and get the results you deserve!

Our goal is to remove all the guesswork and help you consistently promote your work (and the story behind it) no matter what was going on in your life. We’ll do this by either co-creating the content, or helping you turn your ideas into high-quality content. And by giving you the support you need to stay on track.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Why work with Artists Up Next?

10+ years combined experience

Our team consists of talented experts, with years of experience in their field. Their skills are key to help you succeed with your marketing effort. Have good ideas for your content? Our experts can turn your good ideas into something extraordinary.

We know the content that works

We’ve been working with hundreds of artists, distributing and promoting their music. Some of them have achieved a breakthrough in their careers like Protohype, Chelsea Bain, and JSlug500. Our experience told us the kind of content that can take artists’ careers to the next level.

Big things can happen

When we partner with artists, big things happen: fanbase multiplied, more live gigs, and an opportunity to sign a major contract. Want proof? Scroll just a little farther.

What you’ll get from Showcase Week

Talent Course

This is where we’re going to show you how to create social media content that works, answer all the questions you might have about social media marketing, and help you master the social media game.

Two photoshoot sessions (In-Person)

You’re going to work with our professional photographers who know how to capture pictures that will make people more interested in you… the pictures that reflect your music and share the story behind it. These two photoshoot sessions will produce enough photos to post social media content for the whole year!

Three videos (In-Person)

Video works like magic on social media, and you absolutely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to attract more listeners and build a bigger fanbase. The videos could be music videos and/or story-based content that helps introduce you and your music to new audiences, as well as making your current fans feel more connected with you.

Postproduction process

After you’ve completed the talent course and gather enough materials for your social media content, our social media marketing experts are going to take and edit all the raw materials, and transform them into high-quality content, ready-to-post on Social Media on a weekly basis for the whole year!

We’re extra selective about our clients…

Because of the personalized attention we give to each of our clients, we only accept a limited number of people. And because we’re serious about delivering results, we have to carefully select who we decide to work with.

Basically, our dream clients are…

  • Artists who are serious about growing their talents
  • Those who are willing to take any advice from our team of experts
  • Artists who’ve already published their songs, and are ready to take it to the next level
  • Aspiring musicians who want to get out of their room, and ready to take serious steps to begin their career in the music industry

If any of these sounds like you, then chances are we can be a good fit.

But there’s only one way to find out; book a meeting with us and let’s talk more about it!

Still on the fence? Maybe you’re worried about the cost…

We can assure you that the cost of this service is way below your expectation.

For the in-person session, it’d only cost you $3,295.

As for the virtual session, it’d only cost you $1,495.

That’s waaaaay underpriced.

Let’s do quick math:

How much will a professional photographer charge you for a photoshoot session? It could be around $250-500/hour. Yes, PER HOUR.

How much does a cinematographer charge their clients? It can be as much as $750 per day.

And how much does a social media consultant charge their clients? It can be as much as $250 per hour.

So, assuming you’re hiring them all on your own for a day, it could run you as much as $5000+…

…And that’s without the peace of mind knowing the campaign will work if none of them specialize in helping artists.

Ready to get started? Here’s the next step…

If you feel like this is right for you…

If you want to take the stress out of your digital marketing effort…

If you’re committed to your success and want to work with a team equally committed to your success…

…then we’re here ready to help.
Click the button below to book a meeting with us today.

There’s no obligation, of course. And certainly, no pressure. After the meeting, regardless of whether you choose to move forward with us or not, we appreciate your decision.

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