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Establish a platform and brand that get noticed, over the course of our program we guarantee 100x increase in organic impressions on your social media.
Get custom branding and merchandise so you can start to actually make money .. WITHIN 7 DAYS.
Get a custom website, so you can be legit, not just another 'experimenter'
Get a free song distribution credit so you can get your next single paying you 24/7

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The Complete Music Marketing Program

Record Deal Today is an all-in-one marketing program for musicians who are committed to their craft and success. 

It’s designed to give you everything you need to break into the music industry, including…

A unique, custom-branded website that’s linked to your online store
Four custom merchandise designs that you can begin selling immediately
A social media dashboard & scheduler, so you can stay connected to your fans 24/7
A digital music distribution service that puts your music on every major streaming platform

we believe you can make it in the music industry.

How Much does this cost in the real world?

Starting as low as $1 a day you can start to blow up your music career

Custom Logo Design

  • $500 for a professional logo design

Custom Website Design

$1,000+ on a custom-designed website

Domain Name & Hosting

$1200 per year for a domain name and web hosting service

Social Media Dashboard

  • $199 per month for a social media marketing service

Custom Merchandise Design

  • $500 for merchandise designs

Coaching and Accountability

Accountability and coaching weekly

We Created Bonuses To Solve Your Specific Challenges

Every musician runs up against certain things they need help with. These aren't the same for everyone. These bonuses are mini programs that can be added to your membership to give you the personal help you need to make it happen!

The Content Club

Low on time? Get content created custom for you every week so you can stay ahead of the curve on social media

Suburban Credit Program

Money holding up promotion? Eventually you are going to need to spend major dollars on getting attention to your project. When you are enrolled in this bonus we will connect you with a reputable agency to get your record in shape so you can access funds for promotion.

Priority Placement

Job not paying enough? Our team will work with you to create a package and resume and submit it to different employment opportunities in your area or online that can get you more money for the time you are putting in working.

Indie Battle Plan

Be a leader. Put the people around you that support you to work. You may have some support but you aren't organized. In this bonus program you will get custom plans on how to organize with 3 people and blow up your career.

Mix Master Program

Releasing alot of music? In this bonus our team will assist in the mixing and mastering of your tracks so you can keep thay high standard of quality

Feature Finder

Need celebrity exposure? In this bonus we will reach out to influencers or musicians you want to work with and determine or negotiate rates for collaboration.

Instant Money Hacks

Want to diversify how you make money online? In this bonus we walk you thru getting set up the best and easiest ways to start pulling in hundreds extra weekly. 

Solo Recording Program

Want to become a complete producer? In this bonus we mail you a complete home recording package, and help train you on how to record and mix your tracks

Artists Spotlight Pack

Time to go live. In this bonus we will feature you 3 to 5 times on our social media platforms via a live stream

Public Relations Speed Kit

Want press fast? In this bonus we will send out a press release and get placements in major news outlets.

Change Of Heart Toolkit

Went hard, but realized music isnt for you? In this bonus, we connect you with our partner company to help you start your business online thats not in the music industry.

Label Funding Program

Already earning more that $500 monthly from streams or merchandise? We want to advance you funds to grow AND dedicate a team member to your expansion.

We guarantee a 100x growth in organic impressions.

We know this program will change your career forever. If after one year in our program we guarantee a 100x growth in your organic impression numbers or we will work with you for free or put up the paid advertising dollars until you reach that mark on a platform we choose. Yes, you read 100 times correct. This will be earth shattering growth for your career.

Lighting Fast Results .. You Will Be Ready To Promote Within 7 Days!!

There is no other company in the world that is offering what we are providing for musicians.

You need the core three things to be a professional. Music, Merchandise, and Monetization.

Hopefully you have some music already, and we will help you in this membership with the merchandise and monetization of your music by teaching you how to promote. 

When you sign up to work with us not only will we get you in front of thousands of people, if you choose a marketing package we will help you get in the game as a professional musician, creating your website, and merchandise so you can start to monetize!

Custom Logo Kit

To be official you gotta look official so you can start to sell!

Custom Website

You need a home base to send traffic to monetize traffic for your music!

Merchandise Store

Real products that make you money, all you have to do is get traffic there!

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Is there coaching involved in this?

Yes, we will be in contact with you at MINIMUM every 2 weeks. We are going to help you succeed!

Is it monthly or a one time payment?

The billing can be done weekly, every 28 days, or up front. Financing available.

An interview comes along with this?


What happens after I sign up?

You will get access to another phase in the back end of our dashboard


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