Getting your new releases on playlists has been an important part of artists’ launch campaigns. It’s the new radio alternative — but better than radio.

Unlike radio, playlists can help your music get discovered by your target audiences, those who love listening to your genre. So you’re not only getting exposure, but you’re also building a loyal fanbase.

The problem is, getting to big playlists with thousands (if not millions) of listeners is going to be tough. If you’re just starting out, there’s going to be a lot of rejections.

But you simply can’t ignore this platform. Because if you can make it, that could be the turning point of your career.

We’ve been working with many new musicians, and when we could help them get their music featured in one big playlist — just one — we know that their success is only a matter of time. And usually, it took no longer than a few weeks after launch.

Yes, helping musicians get their new releases on playlists — both the small and big ones — is a part of our release program.

When you choose to release your music with us, you can take advantage of our experience and business network to get your music in front of millions of potential audiences quickly.

Though we do offer this service as a standalone for {insert price}, we recommend getting this service through our release campaign service because there are so many steps that matter so much before you submit it to the playlist, such as the album artwork, songwriters, so on and so forth.

The price starts at only $750.

For that price, we’ll help you launch a successful release campaign from start to finish, including…

Helping you design the right artwork
Choosing the right name for your album 
Getting your new releases on various music publishing platforms
Advertising your music to the right audiences
Submitting your music on Spotify release radar
Contacting playlists editor to pitch your music
And so much more!

If you feel like that’s right for you, click here for more details and see if we can be a good fit.

To your success,
 Cyrus Igono

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