WARNING: The Moguls Program is limited to only 5 people monthly

Ready to be The next

music mogul?

Are you ready to Stop Creating

releasing music & content that gets no


The Moguls Program is a 3 phase program, the first being flying to our host city and creating super professional social media content for an entire year.

Our maximum capacity for the mastermind is 5 members -  limited time space available. Join TODAY

DO NOT CONTINUE Until You Read This...

Sadly, not everyone can take advantage of opportunities for various reasons.

This program is $3500 which for many musicians is a lot of money.

Over the years marketing and working with projects I have seen that the only artists projects that seem to take off are ones that have the full focus and commitment from the artist themselves.

The program was designed to deliver top notch product to the super committed creator.

See some of our past clients...

You will be our next big success story

I met Gabe when he was 13 years old. Thru hard work he got a record deal within 14 months. He now is one of the rising faces in the entertainment industry.

Actor, singer, influencer


Working on Ivy's project was a high point in my career, doing her single release with French Montana was a smashing success.

INfluencer, Musician


Working with Ponce was short lived, we learn the importance of communication and planning along the way.

INfluencer, Musician


Meet Cyrus Igono,

Founder, CEO ArtistsUpNext

Helped over 5 musicians get record deals
Concert promoter, held over 20 events
Ex All American Football Player
Worked with major musicians such as Lil Wayne 7 Nipsey Hussle
Reside between Phoenix, AZ & Other cities in the southwest

Don't Miss Your Chance

be 1 of the 5 musicians we work with monthly

Here's what you get:

2 music videos - Or a music video and a video interview - so you can show off your music in a quality way
3 photoshoots - so you can have the content to keep your social media sharp and fresh
Celebrity influencer breakout session - ask a super successful creator how to grow your brand, and get the proven tips
Entertainment attorney breakout session - ask the true deal makers in the industry what you need to do to get major contracts
Stylist breakout session - get a review of your style, imagery and message
Phase 2 coaching - planning the wave - we will walk you thru figuring out what to do to make a wave to your targeted fanbase 
Phase 3 coaching - making the wave and getting partners - we will walk you thru executing the wave and getting partners to promote your upcoming project 

$12249 ONLY $3500 - Payment plans available.

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