Discover how unknown musicians are generating money from fans

We design, print & ship your merchandise!

Focus on doing things you love (producing music and playing shows) - let us take care of the geek stuff.

We use the best tools to build your platforms:

What Getting a Merchandise Store Can Do For You


Each website we design is SSL secure, you can take payments and protect your fans data

Better Earnings

If you have more things for sale outside of your music you can make more money. Obviously.

Save Time

Once the site is up and orders come in, we print and ship the orders for you and send you a check monthly.

Social Media Dashboard

With each site comes access to our social media dashboard tool, track your growth and master your presence online

24/7 Design Help

Want a change to your website? Not only will you have full access to your site, we will make edits weekly with your direction.

Be Official

If you don't have an official site your career is in danger. A social media network may decide to kick you off one day and that can be a real shame. Get a website and be in control.

Still Undecided?

Cold Hard Facts About The Industry

You need 250 streams to make $1 on Spotify. Selling 1 shirt can easily be $10 to $15 for you. Merchandise is way way more profitable
You don't even need to sell things directly related to your music or things that are brand new. Just sell things that will increase your bank account and career direction
You can suck at music but be a great marketer and still blow up huge if you understand how to make money from the internet, this is the opportunity for you.

A Merchandise Store Gives You Passive Income

Let’s face it, putting all your focus on producing great music could be hard when you’re still worrying about money.

Are You Ready to Get Your Merch Store?

Here's exactly what you're getting...

Custom Web Design
5 Complimentary Designs 
Bonus #1: Logo design
Bonus #2: Social Media Dashboard
$999 Value
$249 Value
$199 Value
$1200 Value

Total Value $220 / mo  Todays Price $99 / mo


If a simple store isn't enough, we can do even more..

Additional Merchandise Designs. We can help you design 10 custom merchandise at a time. This is a great solution whether you’re just starting out or you want to expand your current store.
Self-Hosted Store.  Building your store on social media or on other people’s platforms means is like building your business on sand—it’s not sustainable. When you work with us, we can build your own hosted standalone store—the store that you own.
Product Line Photoshoot. Your designs are up. Your store is live. Don’t just stop there. We can help you take it to the next level by creating your own custom photo shoot for your look book. Just like selling any kind of product online, professional photographs can drastically increase sales.
Merchandise Release Campaign. You have your custom-branded merch. Your store is live. And you have professional photographs that showcase your products line. The next logical step is by starting a merchandise release campaign. Should you work with us, we can get your merchandise into other stores—on Amazon, eBay, and other major marketplace platforms.

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