Easily Fund Your Next Song Release, Music Video, Or Tour Without All The Pressure

The moment you start attracting a lot of fans, the sense of urgency to get access to financing becomes real. We can get you those funds so you can keep the momentum going in your career!

What financial solutions can we provide?

Royalty Advances

Already making $500 a month or more in royalties? Get an advance to make your next hit song or music video. To take advantage of this opportunity we will need viewership access to your Apple Music & Spotify artists insight accounts.

Creative Funding - Pay Later

If you are tired of working with your local studios, average producers, and want that industry sound and product look no further. Work with our team directly. We can connect you with financing opportunities and get you in the door with the major names needed to open doors and create industry level product. 

Invest In Projects

Have over $20,000 laying around and want to get into the music industry? Invest in major artists, or use our platform to invest in artists on the rise based on our industry data. Get ahead of the curve and become the next music mogul using our industry infrastructure. Schedule a meeting with our team today!

Before you reach out...

Know you must do all research on rates, amounts and risk involved with any opportunity.
You don't have to do any of the financial programs, and doing so is solely your choice
Know that our company is not the lender or a bank of any kind, we just will be connecting you with ones that are.
These programs are for individuals that are stable or affluent financially
You should have any opportunities reviewed by independent professionals before entering into any agreement

music + finance = 🙂

   Our funding programs help musicians grow their career, reach new listeners, and attract new fans… without giving up all your rights and royalties.

Interested? Let’s talk!

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