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The Foundations Program will Turn you into a high value musician within 2 weeks

Over 80 percent of musicians on spotify don't have 50 monthly listeners lol

Honestly the number is lower than I wouldve even guessed initially. Very few artists know how to communicate.

Social media gives individuals the ability to reach millions of people if they know how to harness it.

In this Foundations program we help you:

1. Position your career as one of high value.

2. Get you the merchandise and materials to earn money from the attention you will get.

3. Get you attention, which will turn into money. That may be from streams, merchandise sales or business opportunities. 

The Foundations program makes every part of your career on point


We will take all of your pages and points of contact with the public and make them look fire


You need stuff to sell! We help you get that covered, and we will help you design!


You have to get known. We we help coach you to master the basics of getting attention online

LETS GO: with the foundations program your friends, family and fans will treat you Like the next big creator

A wise man once said, your life and environment is a mirror of what is going on in your head.

This is a true statement.

If you are going to be one of the biggest creators on the planet, you need to have your friends, family and fans treat you that way.

This program gets the public in line with your aspirations to make it big.

your future starts now

With the Foundations Program, your visions of your music success start today. Sign up below.

Our Process Is Unlike Anything you have done before

24/7 Access

Upon signing up you will get access to our back end dashboard


Everything we do is written out, so you can prepare and get it done


If you are slacking, we are going to let you know. The truth works.


Our systems get results. 

The Foundations Program Will Ensure You Get these Benefits:





Get instant access to

the foundations program

Let us turn your music career and brand into one that can't be denied in less than 2 weeks. When you sign up for the Foundations Program you get:

An artist website - worth over $400 - so you can collect emails, money and sell products
3 merchandise designs - Worth over $150 - so you can have items for sale that can earn you money faster than streams
2 custom social media posts weekly - Over $500 monthly value - so you know what to post and are confident using social media to get attention online.
Single distribution for a year - $Over $12 value - so you dont have to pay the distribution fees other companies charge to start
A Shoutout on our social pages - Over $250 value - so you can let the world know what you are working on
24/7 Support for you career! - whats better than more help towards your goals?!

Only $1249 $1 today 

Try the program 100% risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee!

Let us know within 14 days and if you are not satisfied you will get your money back!

Who is the Foundations Program for?

Sharp, Logical Creators

If you are a person that isn't really about being the best creator you can be, please leave us alone.

People Willing To Do What It Takes

Its going to take a ton of time, money and effort to get to the top of the most competitive industries in the world. If you dont have what it takes its ok, but this may not be for you.

If You Think You Can Grow

If you think you could use help this program is for you. If you think you have it all figured out, this is not a good fit.

We Understand That you have questions

Working With New People Can Be a Little Scary

Working with new people can be super sketchy. When I first started my record label, I paid a guy $1100 to make a website.

After a month of waiting he showed me what took him over 30 days to do.

I wanted to throw up.

It was wack and I felt that I potentially wasted alot of money.

In my business I have decided that will never be the situation.

The way we ensure customer satisfaction is collaboration. We get your input and find out what you like and dont like, and implement that in all the work thats created.

You can let us know at any time what you think about how things are going.

Having said all that, I am willing to bet you will love seeing your career progress while working with us.


What if I don't like what you build for me?

You shouldn.t sign up for our service with that outlook.

Is this going to work?


What is the split for merchandise sales?

You get 30 percent of sales until 50 sales, then that goes to 50 percent. We are responsible for the printing, shipping and customer experience. You just get paid.

What happens after I sign up?

You will get an opportunity to enhance your program experience, then you will get login details to our back end dashboard. A member of our team will be in contact with you within 24 hours of sign up.

Will you actually post for me on social media?

No, we wont log into your accounts and post. But, If you sign up, we have an advanced package where we can create content for you, you will always be in charge of posting it though.

Will you really be able to get me more spotify listeners?

yea, theres specific rules to follow when posting and monitoring your stats of the posts you put up, if you do, you will grow your account every time.

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