How To Use Communication To Enroll New Members Using The C.L.O.S.E.R Framework So You Can Get $$$ Flowing to you

25 enrollment per week target

16 enrollment per week quota

Ask about the super bonus at 32 enrollments in a week

Your Goal: 200 New members enrolled at an optimal exchange rate

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This will be the best work experience you ever had.

We use process driven concepts to make things easy and detectable when things go sideways. Learning what your role is, how it fits into our organization, and your ability to start contributing TODAY should be very easy. If its not please let us know as soon as possible.

The tools and access you need to do your job are:
A smart phone that allows you to be on the phone and internet simultaneously
A company email address
A laptop computer with a wifi connection
Access to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
Access to our music distribution platform
Access to our Sideline phone number
Your copy of the Race to 200 interactive journal
Access to our Slack channel
Access to our ArtistsUpNext dashboard
Access to our Stripe account
Access to our Calendly Account
Access to our social media dashboard

An Overview Of The Process & How You Fit Into It!

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If you want to take a deep dive into how the organization operates review the documents :

Pre Meeting Success Checksheet

Do these steps BEFORE every meeting to ensure you never waste your time

Vet the meeting

You or the Quality Meetings IC must call and ensure the prospect - 1. Knows what we do 2. Knows there is an exchange that must happen 3. Potentially - runs credit score

Send a video message the morning of the meeting

Send a video text message introducing yourself and letting the prospect know you are excited about the meeting.

Know something real about the prospect before the meeting

Do some research. Before you get into the CLOSER framework you want to build good vibes. Use this info as you are building rapport in the beginning of the call.



Clarify the “problem” or what they need help with and why they are speaking with you. 

• What are you looking for?

• What's your goal right now?

• Why it's important for you to reach that goal?


Label them with a  problem

• Why do you think you aren't able to reach your goal?

• What's stopping you?

• What's the barrier?


Overview with the prospect all of the things they have tried to reach the goal up to this point 

• What have you tried in the past?

• Why didn't it work out?

• What issues you faced?


Sell the vacation. Communicate the solution to the problems and what life will be like when they enroll in our program.

- Sell them the benefits.

- Sell them the results.

- Sell them the numbers.

Sell the vacation, not the plane flight.


Explain the investment , ASK for exchange, and the next steps 

• Price

• Deliverability

• Payment Structure


Reinforce the decision

After the sales call...

Send them a personalized video/voice message.

Make them feel that...

They made the right decision to buy it from you...

And that they can trust you.


Don't let random emotions ruin your income, use your interactive journal to keep the money coming in.

After calls sometimes you are pissed, happy, or some other random emotion.

Also, random things can happen in your life that just make you mad. Which may affect your ability or desire to get on the phone and sell.
When you keep a journal you can see logically what went right or wrong on calls, and how your work relates to work, and how its separate from your normal life.
Not keeping a detailed journal after every call leaves an opportunity for blind spots to exist in your selling technique and for random outside emotions to hurt your ability to sell
Keeping a journal will allow you to identify successful actions and negative actions in your journey, and give you the power to easily correct them.

Communications Sprint Success Checklist

Along the path of your sprint you will run across patches where your confidence or results may be shaken. These 5 principles will get you back on track if you operate with them.

YOU understand and speak as if you are giving the prospect a once in a lifetime opportunity

28 million musicians, only 1500 of them know how to make a living, this is an exclusive club they can get into.

Contacts = Contracts

The more people you talk to, the more money you make.

Smile! You can win along with the client

No only can you get paid for enrollments, you can personally extend more service to clients in exchange for percentages of streaming revenue. Imagine getting a percentage of the next big platinum song

You are not afraid to let the prospect know they have a problem

Some people need to wake up. Help them do so.

You ask for an exchange


Payment Links

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